Want it? 

Get it.


Great skin is a choice. Your choice.

And when it comes to the business of beauty, no one knows your skin quite like Clinique. 

Launching in fall of 2017, this global digital campaign seeks to empower consumers to go after their skin goals through a series of educational but entertaining content. Through videos, stills and gifs that were tailor made for the various digital platforms on which they'd be posted, we very simply answered common skin care questions and concerns with the right product from Clinique's "Hydro bar" -- the new moisturizer destination at all Clinique counters worldwide. 

Ready to glow? Plump up? Blur and perfect? Even skin tone? DDML, Moisture Surge, HydroBlur and Smart, our hardest-working derma do-alls, will get you there. 

We also created 6-second cut downs as bumper units for YouTube. This allowed us to target specifically based on age and demographics.