Love Beauty
and Planet

A no-compromise approach to eco-friendly beauty.

When Unilever tasked our team to help them launch a new naturals hair and body care brand to the market in 2018, we knew a brand that looked good at drugstore prices can’t possibly be good for the environment. Our way in? demonstrate the brand's commitment to both beauty and planet by telling the story of our individual brand pillars in a disruptive video series that embraced the lifestyle and aesthetic expectations of our audience set by their favorite indie brands.

Our vision for the brand was brought to life across all social channels as well.  Competing with some of the other millennial-pink brands in the beauty space that are currently slaying the Instagram game, we knew we had to launch with an aesthetic that kept people wanting more.  With an instagram-first approach, the account @lovebeautyandplanet serves as a beautiful interpretation of the brand's playful tone of voice and colorful aesthetic brought to life through product images, quotes, lifestyle imagery and engaging stories. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.31.19 PM.png

At launch we didn't have any assets to work from so got creative with the way we brought the brand to life, but after our video shoot in Cape Town, we were able to gather a huge spattering of assets (like below) that ranged from stills to GIFs and even boomerangs on our phones that have helped us to sustain conversation post-launch.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.31.35 PM.png